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There’s nothing like a handmade rakhi that your brother is sure to love and appreciate (and not take off his hand, too easily).

Ankita Kohli makes beautiful rakhis with the prettiest scraps of traditional punjabi textile. And we obviously love them!

Things You Will Need:

Embroidered patches
Needle and thread
A base for the bottom
Cowrie shells

How to:

The cowrie shell ones were simple but unique. Not like a bulky traditional rakhi these look edgy enough for little bratty brothers ☺️

Make a three way braided yarn base and sew on the cowrie shell

For the others cut out the embroidered patches

Glue it on the base

Sew it on the thread

We love how the rakhis make the balance between subtle and festive!

Material Girls’ Tip: You could also use zardosi embellishments for a grandiose rakhi that sets eyeballs on fire.

About Ankita Kohli: A dear friend, Ankita is the kind of person that lights up the room with her happy spirit. She’s also the kind of person that can make lamps from twigs! There’s some serious sorcery going on with her hands. Thanks for this beautiful post Ankita!

We made these pretty hakoba-lace anklets with strips of hakoba and hooks.

You Will Need:

Hakoba lace (like the kind used in a salwar-pajama, trim)

Necklace hooks (available at any craft store)

How To:

Use the lace eyelets to hook in the chain on to the string.

Yes, we love a simple post.

Material Girls’ Tip: Style with rolled up jeans and keds.