Reworking handmade zari

We love Indian embellishments. They all evolve from a handmade tradition that as DIY lovers we have grown to respect immensely. This time we thought, why restrict that  painstakingly handcrafted silver thread-worked, kurta neck-piece to a salwar-kameez? So, here’s what we did :)

Tacked on to a basic Zara top with a bag from Mango, skinny jeans and the right ballerinas, the silver neck-piece looks glorious here. 

We used fabric glue to attach the neck-piece.

Material Girls’ Tip: Use traditional Kutchi embroidery to embellish a basic top in a contrasting colour. 

Let’s bring back beautiful Indian craft and embroidery. :)

The ‘Rich Lady’ Denim Jacket

It’s April Fool’s Day but this post ain’t no joke. You can and must look like a rich lady and we, can make it happen. 


Jacket: ONLY, Skirt: Forever New

Read on to know more. (and for more photos)

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A DIY collar tip

We used our old earrings to make these spiky collar tips. So easy and so edgy. :-D

You will need just two metallic earrings (available at Forever 21)

We used the earrings to pierce the tip of the collar and read out Proust really loud. Though the second action was no help at all, the first seemed to serve the purpose. 


We are pretty pompous about this pom-pom necklace we made this weekend. (Also pom-pom, pompous, y’know?)


We made this coloured pom-pom necklace during a holiday in Goa. The colours, the beach, the wind, the waves; this necklace just screams holiday in technicolour. 

How To: 

Pick the brightest summer colours you can think of in pom-poms and string them together with your blingiest beads.

Use a needle and thread to pierce them. 

Pom-poms are available at all craft stores. 


Material Girls’ Tip: If you’re a Sober Savitri, fret not, pick shades of dull gold and brown to make yourself a beady bonanza of controlled fun. (No idea what that meant).

Would you like a card?

Imagine that said only in the snootiest, most business-like tone. Because the Material Girls now have visiting cards. We’re totally refraining from adding one zillion exclamation marks. The restraint is commendable.

So, Hetal Ajmera; good friend and designer recently opened a design shop, Sharpener. We were lucky enough to become her first project.

In almost no time, we agreed to work with a ‘functional’ business card, that not only echoes our DIY thought-process, but also helps the receiver ‘create’.

Let’s not babble much, check out the design.


The card is an envelope that can contain anything from needle and thread to buttons and bob pins.

Hetal also did a little extra and made us these cute ass note-pads.



We love how Hetal always cracks The Material Girls’ look and feel to a T. It’s feminine, quirky and always fresh. All the best, Hetal! Looking forward to lots more work :)

Hetal and Bianca work out of Sharpener, you can contact and or check out their work here:

Material Girls’ Tip: Meanwhile a little note to our readers, FB has drastically reduced our display on your newsfeed. As a blog that depends solely on likes for followers (we do NO advertising), we need you to know what we are up to. Do click on the “subscribe” button for regular notifications.

The neck piece

This is our second jewellery post this week.

Totally inspired by Balinese necklace structure and tribal (Aboriginal) motifs.

To learn to make and work a statement necklace like that one…read on. 

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We’re doing DIY necklaces all week!

That’s right. No point saying any more. The headline says it all. We have all sorts of bits and bobs to put around your neck made from everything recycled, all this week! 

Today we’re doing a delicate DIY rhinestone necklace. 

Ladies with long necks, rejoice.

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A Valentine’s Day Post For The Ecologically Conscious Boyfriend

You love your girlfriend, sure. But if you also love the environment, here’s how you can do something for both. 

So this Friday as you set out to impress your lady love with a bunch of red roses, make sure the packaging is not plastic. 

While red roses are an acceptable cliché, girls love a guy who makes an effort. So wrap your flowers in this hand-made flower wrapping paper.

Here’s How:

You Will Need:

Butter paper


Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

Poster Ink In The Colour Of Your Choice

How To:

Dip the cookie cutter in poster ink and make a pattern.

Wrap up your flowers with a coir rope. Trust us, it looks elegant as hell!

Hand it to your girlfriend or the girl you like.

Sit back and wait for your French Kiss.

If you can’t give it to her personally, deliver it on cycle through an eco-friendly messenger service. (This only works in Bangalore).

Material Girls’ Tip: Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! :)


Write a book for Valentine’s Day

Skirting that thin line between sentimental and non-committal is this notepad with an appropriately edgy Penguin cover. 

Penguin covers are our absolute fave when it comes to book cover design. So we photo-shopped  our feelings onto the cover design and created this dinky little notepad.

Things You Will Need:

Photo-shop skills

A line that you’d like to write

Card paper


Recycled paper

How To:

We requested our friend to add this line on an existing layout. As we posses no art directorial skills WHATSOEVER!

We then took a print and pasted the same on chart paper.

After stapling together used sheets, we glued ‘em on to the existing board. 

Our book was ready.

Here are a bunch of sample lines you could try:

I’m kinda probably sorta interested in you.


Screw this. Let’s hook up.

Sex. E. Beast

I think you have a great brain too.

I.N Tell Ectual 

That’s our cat sunning himself with the book.

That’s a still from the glorious movie ‘Her’ again with the Penguin colour scheme. The protagonist plays a letter writer at Seemed like a perfect fit for our first Valentine’s day post. 

Material Girls’ Tip: You could also make cards, with a similar cover. 

Just like news

Who doesn’t love a pair of news shoes?


If you missed the pun, we did mean shoes with news. 

Read more to learn to make these decoupage shoes.

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