The Material Girls

Born of the,"Humph! I could make that at home", ideology.

Maybe it was Navratri or maybe it was just some age old fascination with darning. But look what we got up to.

One pair of jeans and a couple of mirror work patches made up these dandy dandiya denims (with some mean ass sewing from us, obviously)

Things You Will Need:
Old jeans
Mirrorwork patches
Needle and thread


Things You Will Not Need:

This overly attached cat


How To:

Thread that needle and get to work sewing.

Haphazard is good.

If you’re a stickler for neatness, pick a pattern that suits your OCD wet dream.

Darn away!


Material Girls’ Tip: Style it boho because really there isn’t any other way to style it. Pick a crop top or choli and weave in the silver.

We styled the simple DIY wreath from a few posts ago quite differently this time.

Inspired by the powerful and iconic style of the artist Frida Kahlo, this time we created a bigger, bolder wreath modelled quite beautifully by our friend Ankita Kohli.

While the instructions are the same, here’s a little recap.

You will need:

Artificial flowers

Bendy wire



How To:

Twirl the ribbon around the bendy wire

Twist the flowers around the wire frame gently and use ribbon to tie this pretty little contraption around your head.

Add a unibrow to channel your inner Frida (this one is optional)

Try not to do a Groucho Marx though.

Material Girls’ Tip: Use fresh bright bigger and real flowers instead.

Many thanks to Ankita and Jay for this beautiful shoot.

This week we turned our pretty suede beige ballerinas from Plain Janes to Belles of the ball.

All it took was a packet of stick on crystals!

And some much needed inspiration in these glorious embellished Dior pumps.

Things You Will Need:

Simple unsuspecting ballerinas

Stick on crystals available at any store

How To:

We are somewhere between ashamed and proud to say the making process was so magically simple that it didn’t warrant any photography.

So you’re going to have to believe us when we say, we stuck them all over the shoe haphazardly

We did follow technique though and all the crystals have been scattered in a manner that doesn’t make the shoe look over-poweringly full. So there’s a bit of big stars interspersed with really tiny ones.

Material Girls’ Tip: Wear them pretties with a pair of staid jeans and a crisp white shirt. Yes, no more masala today because we are writing from an annoying IPad.