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A Matchbook of Notes

Kavita Rayirath, (Indian by design and our favourite Facebook page, Closet Friends) has sent us this simple and inventive idea. A matchbook filled with notes made entirely from security envelopes.

Here’s what she had to say about this little book of notes,

"Banks statements and bills are mostly what come through the post now - their envelopes have the loveliest graphic prints inside. I’ve been storing some for a while. I sat down yesterday and made these."

Things you’ll need: 

A book ( Kavita used the see through panel to get a colour contrast with the sheets within) with a couple of coloured sheets - ( here she used a blunt needle to pierce holes and threaded it to bind). Two match books -she used all the junk mail paper that had one plain side and attached them with a stapler. Little envelopes - Kavita used a little envelope she had as a template. The one with the see through pocket, she made her own template for it.

How To: 
Kavita says: Here’s a tutorial if you’d like to make a match book -
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